Chrissy Grigoropoulos is a self-made millionaire, real estate professional, and legal powerhouse. A bold spirit who carves her own path and thrives on her own terms, Chrissy calls herself a LADYSHARK.

And she believes that you can become one, too!

So whether you are fresh out of high school, feeling hopeless because you don’t have a fancy college degree or top-notch network, stuck in a dead-end job, or dreaming of a life beyond the ordinary, Chrissy is here to help. Her book is built around the 8 steps you can take to unleash your inner LADYSHARK.


Ted Gonder, Co-founding CEO of Moneythink, Forbes 30 Under 30 in Finance

``Ready to upgrade your financial game? LADYSHARK shows you how to break free from outdated money myths and swim towards a brighter financial future.``

MeiMei Fox, 2x NYTimes bestselling author & FORBES Contributor

``Chrissy is the real deal: A self-made millionaire who operates with business savvy from a place of heart. Opening doors wide for people without gold star educations or networks, and offering them a path to success, financial freedom, and personal fulfillment.``

Susie Hollands, Founder & CEO of Vingt Paris, a leading European real estate firm

``Tired of playing by someone else's rules? Chrissy will help you unleash your inner Ladyshark so you can become a real estate boss and run your own life.``